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Sentinel for suicide prevention (In English)


7 heures


Date(s) Heure(s) Ville(s) Région(s) Endroit(s) / Adresse(s)
31 janvier 2020 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Wakefield Outaouais Centre Wakefield La Pêche 38, chemin de la Vallée de Wakefield J0X 3G0

Farmers are likely to be more open with people that interact regularly with them on the farm or in the community. Sentinel training is for adults who are likely to be in contact with vulnerable or suicidal farmers through their work, their volunteer work, or their place in the community.

With the training, Sentinels that have close ties to producers are trained in a supportive role. After the training, Sentinels are well equipped to recognize signs of distress or suicidal behaviors and support or guide farmers towards appropriate resources. Their role is similar to the first-aider or respondent, trained to act promptly, ensuring support until a specialist takes over.


Kim Laroche - AutonHomme Pontiac
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